Be Your Own Boss Bling Box/ AKA Aries Bling Box



Be your own boss Bling Box!

Whether you are thinking about starting your own rhinestone business or just want to learn how to create beautiful rhinestone t-shirts for your wedding, kid’s birthday party favors, or graduation this box is for you.

In this box, you will receive a Rhinestone Bling kit that will consist of everything you will need to create your bling masterpiece.

No equipment is needed, just a regular household iron.

This box is as easy as 1,2,3. It is so easy to create your beautiful rhinestone creation. the box will come with step by step instructions and also a step by step video on my youtube channel.

The rhinestone kits will include:

A rhinestone template

Choose a design category
Black Girl Magic

Two 10 Gross Bags of Rhinestones
Rhinestone Stone Brush
Rhinestone Transfer Paper
1 t-shirt


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